Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Monospace is a Learning Conference

Over four days, 250 participants will be immersed in workshops, breakout sessions, and innumerable conversations with teachers, industry leaders, and peers, learning to master the full spectrum of platforms open to .NET skills. During Open Space sessions and conference gatherings, they will forge new professional and personal networks that will support on-going efforts to bring the full spectrum of .NET-compatible environments to bear, whether to take advantage of new business avenues, or to capitalize on cost-saving opportunities with open systems.

The unique format of this conference provides an incredible opportunity for attendees to not only participate in deep learning, but to solidify their learning through community interaction and study.

The conference starts with two days of half-day tutorials taught by industry leaders, experts, and community influencers. Participants can choose from any of three simultaneous tracks of tutorials, and move between sessions at will. The tutorials are followed by two days of Open Space where participants hone their understanding of their new knowledge, and extend their understanding through interaction, dialog, and Q&A with other participants and community leaders.

This highly-effective format is geared specifically to learning and retention, and is unlike any typical software conference. It was first introduced at the Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference, and has since been used successfully at a number of learning conferences in North America and Europe.

The Monospace Conference is organized by the same people who created the ALT.NET Open Space Conference and the Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference. Both of these conferences had a profound and lasting impact on .NET software development and development community.

In 2007, the ALT.NET Open Space Conference solidified one of the most influential communities in the .NET space. Since then, this community has had significant impact on the Microsoft community and on Microsoft itself, leading to many advances in technology and thinking, as well as introducing the Microsoft community to the Open Space format, which is now a familiar part of Microsoft conferences at large.

In 2008, the Continuous Improvement in Software Development Conference brought a community leaders and influencers together to take a deeper look at Lean Software Development and Continuous Improvement, kicking off a year of study, practice, and dialog that led to broader adoption of Lean and Kanban in the Microsoft community, and serious consideration of existing Agile Development practices.

in 2009, the Monospace Conference will continue the tradition of excellence in providing opportunities for developers to truly learn and to join learning communities that are essential to retention and improvement.

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  1. Just tell me when/where I can sign up for this.