Friday, July 3, 2009

Ten Reasons to Come to Monospace

The Monospace Conference is taking place from October 27th to October 30th in Austin, Texas. Here are a handful of reasons why you should attend!

The People

They looked outside of the box and liked what they saw. They came, they, saw, and they connected. The rest is future history!

The Fusion

Two .NET communities walked into a bar... three came out. I thought that "fusion" might a good name for this conference. I can't wait to see what comes of the Microsoft .NET community and the Mono community spending four days together learning and talking about cross-platform software development on the CLI.

It's in Austin

Monospace will be a last grasp at warm, pleasant weather before winter for many people coming to the conference. Austin is a city of music, swimming holes, mostly laid back people, and free wireless for as far as the eye can see. We'll try to work swimming holes into the conference program somehow.

It's Cheap

There's two days of tutorials and two days of Open Space. It's happening at the Austin Convention Center, the world class home of Austin's annual South By Southwest conference. It's only $249 USD.

It's a Good Time for a Broad Array of Cost Alternatives

If you're running all of your .NET apps on commercial systems, you might be able to change the equation and move some of those apps onto open platforms. It's the economy, stupid.

The Format

Twelve half-day tutorials will be taught in three tracks during the first two days. The following two days are an Open Space. It's a format geared for retention. You learn a few things and they get grounded by two days of Open Space. It's not the kind of conference you could catch later on-line.

Mono Developers

Developers who make Mono and developers who make stuff using Mono, as well as developers who are excited about learning Mono and about the platforms that it runs on. It's a conference for people who recognize Mono's advantages and who are learning to take those advantages, and for people who are showing others how to do the same.

Teach a Windows Guy about Grep

Ok, that one is a bit contrived. Most of the Windows .NET people at Monospace are comfortable at the command line. They're the uncommon .NET people who also use Linux and Mac. Nonetheless, many .NET folks are just beginning to come up to speed on the array of platforms that Mono opens to .NET development. So, if you've ever wanted to show off your favorite features of your favorite platform to someone who hasn't used it before, Monospace is the place to connect with open-minded learners!

The Location

It's in Austin. I know we talked about this already, but you really ought to do an image search for Austin, TX. Ignore the picture of the snake on the first page of results. The association of snakes and Texas appears to be some kind of flaw in Google's indexing.

This Spot Intentionally Left Blank

You'll fill this spot in with you're own stuff. Let me know why you want to come to the Monospace Conference!

Monospace Conference

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