Friday, September 18, 2009

Monospace Welcomes the CodePlex Foundation

The announcement of the CodePlex Foundation has sparked a lively and engaging on-line conversation about open source in the Microsoft community. The Monospace Conference is taking that on-line conversation real-time!

Monospace is the open source and cross-platform conference for Mono and .NET. The first two days of the conference program offers a series of half-day workshops, teaching .NET developers how to leverage existing skills on the myriad platforms and opportunities that the Mono Project opens up, including iPhone, Linux, Mac, and Windows.

During the last two days of the conference, participants are invited to take over, shaping their own conference according to their own needs and interests, going deeper into the new understandings gained in the first two days of tutorials, or on any subject that participants want to explore. Open space sessions can be presentations, panels, chalk talks, group discussions, workshops, or any format that a session convener chooses.

During the open space at Monospace, open source leaders, contributors, and users have a chance to engage directly with Sam Ramji, President of the CodePlex Foundation, and Miguel de Icaza, Founder of the Mono Project, and CodePlex Foundation Board of Directors member.

Monospace provides a unique opportunity to hold a frank dialog about the CodePlex Foundation with the people who have been working to bring it to life, giving participants a chance to clarify the meaning of the CodePlex Foundation and its goals, and maybe even shape the foundation and the future of broader open source support and adoption in the Microsoft world.

The frank and open dialog offered by the open space format has had a tremendous impact on the open source community in the .NET space over the past couple of years, and this year with the participation of the Mono community, the conversation goes even deeper, and the community grows ever broader and in new directions.

We're really excited to have the CodePlex Foundation's participation at Monospace and we appreciate the dedication of Sam and Miguel to open source on the CLI and in the Microsoft communities, and for their openness to engage in the dialog!

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