Friday, October 9, 2009

Monospace Welcomes Headspring Systems as a Principal Sponsor

Continuing its involvement in open source for the .NET Framework, Headspring has become a principal sponsor of the Monospace Conference.

A commitment to open source for .NET is a core principal of Headspring. In addition to sponsoring Monospace, Headspring’s employees have contributed to numerous .NET open source projects including, MvcContrib, AutoMapper, The Tarantino Project, and CodeCampServer. Jeffrey Palermo, Headspring’s CTO, comments "We leverage open source software when delivering software projects. The more we support the open source community, the more we benefit.”

Dustin Wells, Headspring’s CEO, comments “Headspring is very excited about the future of Mono and the possibilities it opens for utilizing the .NET Framework on iPhones, Macs, and Linux.”

Headspring is a custom software development and Agile software consulting firm in Austin, Texas. Headspring specializes in delivering custom software development using Agile methods to help clients build and manage custom software projects more effectively. Headspring has helped clients maximize the value of each dollar spent through high-velocity output from each team member supported by Headspring's rigorous development standards and commitment to quality. In addition to custom software development, Headspring also helps clients through our technology training and coaching programs.

For more information about Headspring, please visit the website at

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