Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stellar Open Source Panel Kicking Off Day 3 of Monospace

The Open Space program of the Monospace conference starts on the Thursday morning of the conference, and we've got a great event lined up to kick things off!

With so many open source power houses at the conference, we'd be missing an incredible opportunity if we didn't put them in the same room at the same time for a panel discussion on open source in .NET.

But this is no ordinary panel discussion! After a period of the traditional panel discussion format, we'll turn the panel into a fishbowl, allowing you, the conference attendee, to cycle through the panel, adding your voice to the dialog.

Our panelists represent the breadth and diversity of open source accomplishment in the .NET space, and each has had significant impact on open source across the diaspora of open source roles, projects, and organizations.

Here is the roster of panelists:

Miguel de Icaza
Mono Project Founder
Vice President of Developer Platform at Novell
CodePlex Foundation Board Member
Author of GNOME

Sam Ramji
President, CodePlex Foundation
Former Director of Microsoft's Open Source Lab, Port25
Former Lead of Technical Product Strategy at BEA Systems

Ayende Rahien
NHibernate Project Contributor
Castle Project Contributor
Creator of RhinoMocks
Creator of RhinoCommons
Creator of NHibernate Profiler

Glenn Block
Program Manager for the Managed Extensibility Framework at Microsoft
Former Product Designer at Microsoft Patterns and Practices
Long-time friend and ally of .NET open source and community

Rod Paddock, Editor of CoDe Magazine, will be our panel moderator.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!


  1. Wow. Wish I was there. Hope this is all being taped!

  2. Hi Adam,

    If it's taped, it'll be community-driven media!